Our research

Our lab is focused on elucidating the fundamental principles underlying biological time control, with a particular focus on intrinsic timing mechanisms that can run independently of major temporal programs, such as the cell cycle or the circadian clock. Discovery that an autonomous clock controls the timing of centriole formation independently of the principal Cdk/Cyclin cell-cycle oscillator, has challenged the long-standing model of how cell cycle is regulated. This has opened a new avenue of research to explore whether other such local intrinsic clocks may regulate organelle biogenesis and cytoskeletal dynamics more generally in the cell. We use state-of-the-art techniques in live super-resolution microscopy, combined with genetics, biochemistry, biophysics and mathematical modelling, to address such biological phenomena at cellular, developmental and systems levels.     

Join our laboratory!

Applications for postdoctoral associate position are welcome. Contact us at [email protected] for requirements. 

Candidates with backgrounds in cell biology, genetics or developmental biology are always welcome. For candidates with backgrounds in applied physics/mathematics, past experience in biology-related research is preferred but is not required. The research projects will vary depending on candidate's interest and experience at the interface of biological and quantitative sciences.

UCSF attracts students internationally to its justly famous graduate programs - consider applying to these for a prospective studentship in our laboratory. Beginning graduate students at UCSF can pop for a chat any time to discuss potential rotation projects. External graduate students/postdocs interested in a visiting position to learn how to study with aspects of biological clocks should contact us via e-mail to see the available opportunities. 

Voluntary wet-lab research or data analysis projects for undergraduates, as well as recent graduates of MCD biology or mathematics/physics/computer science, will be considered.